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bulletEquipment List
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Equipment List

Following is the typical equipment list for short track speed skating and approximate prices.

bulletMandatory Equipment
bulletSkates ($300-$800, rentals available from the club)
bulletPlastic skate guards ($20, for walking, available from Special Equipment)
bulletSoakers ($20, terry cloth covers to protect blades when not in use, available from Special Equipment)
bulletHelmet ($25-$100, bicycle helmet accepable)
bulletNeck guard ($30, available from Special Equipment)
bulletKnee pads ($20, available from Dicks or Sports Authority, avoid hard plastic covered pads as they don't slow down slides after a fall)
bulletDesirable Equipment
bulletUnder Armor or equivalent (tops and bottoms, 2 layers for warmth)
bulletOptional Equipment
bulletSkin Suit ($120-$200, typically ordered in batches through the club)
bulletCut proof suit ($250)
bulletSport glasses (for eye protection)

Short Track

Short Track speed skating takes place on a 111.12 meter oval on either a standard hockey rink or larger Olympic rink. Following are the distances in meters and number of laps of several short track races:

bullet222 meters = 2 laps
bullet333 meters = 3 laps
bullet444 meters = 4 laps
bullet500 meters = 4.5 laps
bullet611 meters = 5.5 laps
bullet777 meters = 7 laps
bullet1000 meters = 9 laps
bullet1500 meters = 13.5 laps
bullet3000 meters = TIRED LEGS! (27 laps)

The 500 meter world record for men on the short track is less than 42 seconds. That is about 27 mph, but because a skater's path is longer than the measured oval, skaters may actually be going faster than 30 mph!